A family business
among friends

Ahoi hoy!

Our young Hamburg-based company has been focused on sustainable products since 2013. Our aim: to do our part to make the world a little better. We want to raise awareness of sustainable, ethical and water-efficient consumption.

To achieve this, we maintain a continuous dialogue with all our target groups, opting for communication on equal terms with no pointing of fingers. Whether you have a trade or distribution question or would like to benefit from our pool of specialist knowledge, we are the people to come to for smart, individualised solutions enabled by sustainable product worlds.

Where did we come from?

We are Christoph, Sebastian and Wanja, three friends from Hamburg who turned their shared passion into a career. We got to know each other while working at the non-profit organisation Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e. V., an experience that inspired us to pool our skills and develop our own brand, HYDROPHIL. Drawing on the broad knowledge we had gained during our ten years in the fields of development cooperation, business administration, organisation development and sales management, we built an authentic and sustainable brand; HYDROPHIL has been the cornerstone of our present-day company since 2013.

Why do we do this?

Our work is grounded in a desire to shape the future by helping to create change. This means never losing sight of the big picture. We not only want to create an ethical and sustainable product world, we also want to live by our convictions during day-to-day company life. If we’re not personally convinced by something, we won’t have anything to do with it.

Where to next?

We love water and we love the environment! Apart from that, of course, we also love meaningful trends. Our strong links with NGOs, bloggers and various trendsetters enable us to identify, prioritise and evaluate new trends in their early stages; examples include new developments in sales and distribution, development cooperation and organisation development, as well as trends emerging in new markets. Our blog for the HYDROPHIL brand and the social media channels connected to it contribute to our authentic, approachable public presence.

Our team

Katja Dewi Ram
Mara Kolb
Martina Jessica Zimnol
Working student controlling
Franziska Zeides
Key Account Manager
Freya Wilken
Working student Marketing
Sarah Born
Warehouse and Logistics
Jacqueline Wieck
Junior Project Manager
Jamie Böhmer
Logistics Manager
Hannah Harding
Sales Manager
Jasper Eick
Key Account Manager DACH
Josi Bopp
Trainee wholesale and retail merchant
Svenja Ehlerding
Deputy Managing Director
Sophie Trampe
Working Student Product Development
Diana Störmer
People & Culture Manager
Wanja Weskott
Managing Director
Anna Schmeidler
Head of Product Development
Jani Ecklebe
Key Account Manager International
Kathrin Burschyk
Art Director
Linda Zeeck
Denis Rauschenberg
Head of Sales
Sebastian Bensmann
Deputy Managing Director
Anja Pritzkow
Quang Bach Pham
Working student Warehouse and logistics
Leoni Traupe
Product Development Manager
Ivonne Ottenberg
Warehouse and logistics specialist
Tobias Pump
Logistics Manager
Ronja Kowalke
Aftersales Manager
Marco Pawlowski
Online Marketing Manager
Sarah Dillon
Junior graphic designer