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From strategy conception to meaningful content creation, our marketing strengthens the relationship our existing customers have with our brands while simultaneously tapping into relevant new target groups. We achieve these two objectives through a combination of effective online and offline strategies and through an authentic public presence designed to create long-lasting brand loyalty.


We maintain our online presence by producing high-quality content and distributing it across all relevant social media channels. We also use targeted influencer marketing, of course, and are always pursuing a dialogue with our customers. SEA, display and affiliate campaigns round out our Internet presence and also contribute to our e-commerce turnover.


We also promote ourselves offline, allowing people to put faces to the brand name. Be it a trade fair, a seminar or an event series, we’re there, using the opportunity to engage in brand storytelling beyond the products themselves. Our strong, ever-growing network enables us to enter into targeted collaborations with the right partners.Through this, we solidify our brand values in the public consciousness and also achieve wide coverage in relevant media.

Point of Sale

From a variety of information and brand flyers, to promotional product displays, to engaging brand storytelling materials, we provide our customers with persuasive POS resources to create the perfect in-store showcase for our products and brands. Of course, we also visit stores in person, offer individual product training and answer any and all questions relating to our product and brand worlds.

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